For the Next Girl I Fall in Love With

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For the Next Girl I Fall in Love With

-Travis Martin


My Secret Love for You

Secretly, I love you. Secretly, when you beg the man you wish for to hug you in his arms and you plead for my prayers from far away, I love you. Secretly, when you look the other way, hardly taking notice of my careful desire to supply the aid of friendship, I love you. And secretly in the past when you nearly loved me, truly I can say the feeling was mutual: I loved you.

The Entranced Writer's Dilemma

Upon the many times when I put my pen down onto the paper seeking inspiration from the One above, I have also often found myself seeking it from your near-supernatural beauty and nature. Greatly numbered are imagined ladies I could write into existence within the reader's mind, but none would ever compare to the vastness of your glamour. For, my dear princess, you make my artistic task nearly impossible in my vain attempts to mimic you!

That Hopeless Feeling

As your tears run carelessly down the soft features of your tired face, I long to hold you. I long to grasp you tightly with love and whisper into your ear that everything will be okay. But no. At today's time this is another man's job - a man who is most certainly unqualified for the task of being yours. If I were placed in his shoes, you would never be sad again! At the sound of your ringtone I'd be there! At the glint of your name on my computer screen my fingers would be poised to message you! Any predicament you encounter, I would fight it in your defense! Love, I am your secret warrior - your knight in shining armor. There is hardly a greater heart's desire of mine other than to protect you and put your interests second only to God's.

The Solution

So what do I do about this, O' Lady of Wonder? What can this simple-minded man do that would solve this issue once and for all? Well, the truth is that I can do nothing but pray. In the meantime the knowledge of our future rendezvous will have to hold me over. Wait patiently, my dear. That miracle which you are can't be hidden forever.

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