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(02-23-10) I decided to do this one by video. Laughing Since I looked weird in the thumbnail (seriously, you have no idea), I decided not to embed it anymore. You can view this announcement by clicking here: Announcement for 02-23-10

(02-15-10) Three new things (actually, this is technically from yesterday, but I wanted to put up a special Valentines Day message instead). First, I purchased my own domain. You no longer have to type in your address bar. Now you can browse my site by simply typing Much easier to remember, right? Yeah, me too lol. The original address still works, but this is a better way of getting here if you ask me Wink. The second thing I wanted to let you all know about is I added a new section to the site. I know it seems like I'm doing a lot of that these days, but I'm really trying to expand the variety of writings put on display here. The new section is titled "Concept Writing," and I plan to use it for any ideas, philosophies, or inventions I come up with that I might want to share with you. Currently there is only one entry, but I have at least two more that I've considered writing about and publishing here. Questions or comments? My new e-mail is Last but not least, the third thing is it'd be so great if you all checked out the "Friendly Works" section! I've had several more people come to me with works that they wished to be published to my site. It's free! Maybe you'd like to have it done to something you've written as well? All you have to do is let me know!

(02-14-10) If only what my mind sees could instantly be painted into a picture, I'd paint you and me slow-dancing among the stars. My dear, even this sparkling stellar twilight cannot compare to your beauty! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Tongue out

(01-17-10) The other night the most peculiar thing happened: I wrote a poem. At first I was so nervous about it that I only posted it as a note on my secondary Facebook profile. It turned out to be such a success that I decided to put it on here! However, because in the past I never considered myself to be a poet, there wasn't a section for any poems on this website. there is. Play nice and enjoy!

(12-20-09) Merry Christmas everyone! I just posted the beginnings of a new story called Backbones that I've been working on intermittently during the past several months. This is the first story that is illustrated (pardon my not being an artist, by the way), although I hope to do many more like that in the future as well. Believe it or not, I AM still working on Princess of Mystic Earth. There are three parts to the delay: The first is my interest in Backbones. The second is college. This is the first week since late September that I've had a decent amount of concentration time for these stories. Then the last reason for the delay is that I lost all the notes I had for Section 3's plot! Sooner or later I'm going to sit down and brainstorm new ideas. I'm not sure if this is for better or worse, but cross your fingers and pray for the best! As always, you all are a very big part what drives me to press onward with my writing. I can't thank you enough for the encouragement, which does volumes for me. Enjoy the new story, and if you're new to my site, feel free to take the time to sign the guestbook!

(10-26-09) I just finished adding an entire new genre of writing to this website: school papers. Lovely, right? Yeah, I thought so. My philosophy on school papers is that they are almost completely worthless if the only people who read them are your high school teachers and college professors. How lame is that?? Surprised Well I did something about it. I published all my most noted papers so now you ladies and gentlemen can go read them. Who knows? You might just learn something interesting (not trying to sound cocky here). Also, I'm putting up an offer to all of you! If you'd like any of YOUR writings (it can be anything - stories, poems, skits, etc.) published, I'll publish it on here as well and give you FULL credit for your work. It's totally free - no catch at all whatsoever. In fact, consider it a gift because I love you all so much.

(07-23-09) A new site has joined my webring. Check out Dante D'Anthony:Tales from the Pandoran Age. You can click the link here or use the webring below. Cool Also in other news, Princess of Mystic Earth: Section Three is well on its way. I've taken some time off to work on my novel, however I'm back at the short story scene once again! Keep checking because it should be completed within the next few days or weeks. (depends on how diligent I am haha) Oh and I feel it's important to mention to all my readers that Writ of Wonder was written a LONG time ago. The writing is very...not as good as I write now lol. Plus today I'd never write about myself in third person...that just feels weird! 

(04-19-09) I told you it would come! And the day is finally here. Sam's Map of the Universe has finally been posted. This story is much different from the others (with the exception of Writ of Wonder). Although most of my works are mostly science-fiction and ever so slightly spiritual, this story is just the opposite - that is, it's mostly spiritual and only slightly science-fiction. This took me about six months to put together, so I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it! And don't forget, my inspiration for this did not come from myself, but rather from Someone much, much greater.

(02-17-09) Princess of Mystic Earth: Awakened Truth is now posted! Enjoy! :D

(01-14-09) Sorry it's been so long since I posted another story. I've decided to take some time to make progress on my novel, Project: Enchanted Angel. Hopefully I'll be back at the short story scene soon. (like in the next week or so)


(12-15-08) Just in case there's anyone who can't fine Section 1 of The Outlaw, you click on the "The Outlaw" link to the right under the "Stories Menu." From there you'll see a set of links that will take you to the various sections of the story. Just click the appropriate one!Cool Also, I'm already starting Section 2 of this story, although I can't say for sure when it'll be completed. But stay tuned for more! It'll be here before you know it.

(12-14-08) Section 1 of The Outlaw is finally posted! Sorry it took so long. Hope you enjoy!

(12-04-08) I just added an archive for the latest news section in order to reduce the clutter on this page. You can view it by clicking the link in the menu on the top-left. Sorry it's taking so long for the hasn't been its best to me lately. But to give you an update, I've been working on The Outlaw: Section 1 more than any other. New ideas are visualized in my mind almost every day! I didn't originally plan this, but it's looking like there might even be a slight blend of romance towards the ending (for those of you who enjoy reading that sort of thing lol). Things didn't go as planned with Princess of Mystic Earth over the Thanksgiving break, so that may still take a while. But I WILL finish it at some point! The whole co-authoring thing makes writing it somewhat complicated, so please bear with me!

(11-23-08) I just posted The Outlaw - Prologue. It's going to be another novella most likely, divided into something between two and four sections. This prologue is unusually short and doesn't go into a whole lot of detail because it only tells the general story behind Sean's predicament. However, the next sections should contain much more detail because they will read a lot like my other short stories. I hope you all enjoy! Stay posted for the next section of Princess of Mystic Earth, because I'm planning to work on it a great deal over the Thanksgiving holiday. Wish me luck! Tongue out

(11-14-08) Okay it's 1:00 in the AM and I've finally posted the first section to "Princess of Mystic Earth." Finally! Sorry it took so long...a small obstacle called life got in the way. Anyways, depending on how often I have the opportunately to meet up with Chris, hopefully Section 2 won't be too far off in the future. I hope you all really enjoy this new novella and as always, please keep checking for more updates and stories. May God bless you all to live long and prosper!

(10-25-08) I know I haven't posted anything in almost a month, but I promise I will have something soon! In fact, I have TWO short stories on the way. However one of them may take a while because its length might transform it into a novella. It should also be really interesting to see how it turns out because I'm co-authoring it with a fellow writer by the name of Chris Ellis. 

(09-28-08) After reviewing "The Alterverse Twenty," I came to the conclusion that it was an eyesore to read. After fixing the problem (I hope), it looks much like it would if you were viewing it with Microsoft Word, using good ol' 12 point Times New Roman font.

(09-25-08) Just posted "Daren's Unfortunate Death." I may take a break this upcoming week to devote my full attention to my novel. In any case, I should have another story posted within 1 to 2 weeks. I hope you enjoy!

(09-20-08) I posted a short story called "Writ of Wonder." I wrote it a while back, and was somewhat more of an amateur at the time. Hopefully you won't notice too many mistakes, but just bare that in mine if it seems a little choppy or you find wording issues, etc. The story itself is different than any other so far. I placed myself as the main character (something I usually DON'T do) in order to reflect different aspects of my life. It was really written as a stress releaser during a time which I was on the brink of disaster in my college career. 


(09-19-08) I posted a short story called "The Alterverse Twenty." Stay tuned for more science fiction short stories in the coming weeks! I'll try to work on these a little every day.