Friendly Works

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The wonderful works of my friends :-)

None of the writings on this page were written by me. Rather, they were written by friends of mine who sent me their works to be published here! If there's something you've written that you'd like for everone to see, send it to me! Here's my policy: I'll never modify anything you've written. It goes up exactly the way you send it. If you'd like for me to proofread it for you we must meet face to face by appointment, which I'll be more than happy to do.

This is a poem that will make you smile and just about taste the presence of God. It's an especially great read if you are in need of something that will encourage you to be humble before the Lord, Who will always respond by giving you peace.
This is the first chapter of a weblit novel called "Courier's Creed." If you like the fantasy genre, then this is a must read! I will tell you right now that this writer is experienced and very good at what he does. Take a look for yourself so your imagination can be filled with wonder!
If you were blind physically, how would you perceive the world? Furthermore, if you were blind spiritually, what then? This story takes an excellent approach to this metaphor. Something you should understand before you read this, however, is that it's completely fiction. Even so, it'll melt your heart!
This is the incredible testimony of Josh Stephens. Many of you who are from Marietta probably know who he is, so please give your friend the full support he deserves! The news of the event described in this story certainly echoed all throughout the East Cobb area during the summer of 2008. This is an inside look at the miracle God worked through Josh’s life amidst this crisis. If you’d like to comment on this story, you can e-mail him at
This is a little something that my best friend wrote for his girlfriend, Kaitlin Wade. He showed it to me because he was thinking about giving it to her, so I offered to put it up on here. Gotta say, Adam, she's quite a catch! I think the last three years were what you'd call "a near miss." Laughing
The only secure place to put your hope is in God. That's what this explores. It's a beautiful work by my friend Casey King, who wished for me to express that this was inspired by God, and that she merely held the pen. Keep up the good work, Casey! God is really using you!
This is a short story by Casey King. It's about a girl finding the right guy - someone who she's always been waiting for.