Concept Writing

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A place to ponder...

I probably daydream a lot more than I should, but I figure it has to pay off somehow, right? Here are a few ideas and concepts that have made their way from my thoughts to this page. Hope you enjoy and don't think I'm too much of a lunatic! Haha! Wink

Ideas, Inventions, and Concepts:

I sat down and explored the concept of what immortality means and how to achieve it. This is something that I've been giving a lot of thought for a long time. So here you go!
This is an article that provides a list of ways to improve inspiration for creative writers. Follow these steps, and you'll more than likely find yourself inspired. Cool
This is a strange new sci-fi method for interstellar travel that I came up with for one of my stories. At some point in the future, this article will be subjected to a high level of scrutiny and change.