Pen of Travis: Best Readers

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My Best Readers:

This page is a list of certain friends or fans (or both) who have really taken the extra effort to read my works. People like these are the very reason I love writing so much - their encouragement is the fuel of this game! So to everyone shown in this list (and anyone else who likes to read my work consistently), with all my heart I thank you!


Courtney Musser

Several years ago when I was a senior at Walton High School, I met Courtney at Chilis when she was dating my best friend (see Daniel Ozment in the slot below). Although she's three years younger than me, I always saw her as strikingly beautiful - a treasure from the gates of Heaven itself. For many years we were just acquaintances. Then out of nowhere various circumstances allowed us the opportunity to become better friends. It took mere days for me to develop feelings for her. A full year went by where school and other elements of our lives got in the way of our friendship, and we slowly began to drift apart. It was during this time that I wrote Backbones Part 2, modeling Chelsey's appearance after Courtney. As I wrote it, I imagined what this girl of wonder might think as she read all the lines. Would she think the story was cool? Stupid? Cliché? I only hoped for the best. Finally, a year later she and I ended up at the same school. It was then that we reestablished our friendship and soon after began dating. As I'm writing this, we're a little over three months into our relationship. She truly is a huge encouragement to my writing, and for that matter, my entire life in general. You might also notice in my poetry a poem titled The Golden Tears. That was also written about Courtney. I definitely love her in a way that's hardly describable. She puts up with a lot for sure Tongue out. So thanks Corky! I love you!

Daniel Ozment

Daniel is the younger brother I never had. Although we come from two very different families, he and I have a great deal in common when it comes to fictional interests. Whenever I need military advice (especially for short stories such as Backbones), he's the man I go to. His help has been amazing in making several of my stories happen. Daniel also writes science fiction of his own on occasion, and has a remarkable knack for writing clever and fascinating imagery, particularly regarding starship design and warfare concepts.

Susie Nuttall

A greatly treasured friend who I met during the beginning of Summer, 2010, Susie has quickly become one of my most avid readers. As a highly-educated intellectual, she poses as a great conversationalist when it comes to pondering the universe and all its mysteries. This makes for excellent inspiration in the science fiction realm! She has read most (if not all) of my stories, and her feedback has been more valuable than she knows.

Casey King

Casey is probably my most frequent visitor, and is also certainly one of my closest friends. If there's a problem, she never fails to be a true prayer warrior. Miracles definitely happen because of her intercession. There probably isn't a friend who encourages me more than she does when it comes to my writing. I'm always receiving text messages and Facebook notifications from her in which she asks about my next story or when something new will come to this site. So thanks again for all the encouragement, Casey!