School Papers (Page One)

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If you think essays have to be miserable...

Feel free to read these just for fun or even for use in your own school papers. I'll also be happy to proofread for you if you like! The links are ordered top to bottom from the earliest written papers to the most recent.


This is a position paper that Val Stetsenko and I wrote for the Model UN club at Walton High School. We were supposed to be dual-representatives from the Republic of Ghana, and this paper states our positions on the current global issues of the time from the perspective of our country.
This is a research paper I wrote for an English class I took during my senior year at Pulaski County High School. It is written in MLA format, so it follows most of the rules you might see in your classes. Please read this because it's on a very important topic!
Here's another research paper. I wrote this one for a Humanities class at North Metro Technical College. It is written in MLA format just like the other one, but my professor wasn't nearly as strict about everything. Needless to say this is probably more of a fun read than a model paper.
This is a research paper I wrote on a theory I have about Humanity's progress as a race from a Christian perspective. Feel free to agree or disagree!
Written for a speech class I took at North Metro Technical College, this presentation was based off one of my oldest stories, "The Advent of the Final Frontier." You can actually read this short story in the "Old Stories" section of this website.
This interview was written for the same speech class as "Speech Easyread," and I'm going to say up front that it's totally bogusWink. Our assignment was to find someone who worked in our field of study and then interview him/her with specific questions provided to us by a guide from our professor. Well guess what? I didn't feel like it. Jason Cole is actually the name of the main character in my upcoming novel, and is therefore not a real person...much less a computer technician. But if you would like to see how writing skills and acting skills are similar, read this. I got an A!
My fellow students and I had to write an in-class cause and effect essay for my English 1101 class at Chattahoochee Tech. A buddy of mine who sits next to me was telling me about his ideas for a topic - one in particular that he immediately dismissed because he thought it would be so boring that he wouldn't make a good grade. Since we had to take a slant (form an opinion) on the cause or effect of our topic, I decided to challenge myself with the idea that he had thrown out. Needless to say, I hope you ESPECIALLY enjoy this one because I wrote it with all of you in mind. It will probaby give you a good laugh also, and on that note I feel the need to tell you that my mom isn't nearly as bad of a driver as I make her out to be. Have fun! I got a B-plus.